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3 Best Free Project Management Tools for Startups

As a startup, you work across functional areas, manage everything hands-on, and started to feel overwhelmed with so many things to do. You need a better way to manage tasks! Project management tool is essential to smartly delegate and keep track of tasks.

There are myriad of project management tools out there, but not all worth your time and money. You want a project management tool that's easy to use, flexible enough to suit your workflow, and offered in many platforms such as web/desktop, iOS and Android. Even better if it offers free plan so you can try it out and buy additional membership as your team grows.

Without further ado, here are our top 3 picks for best FREE project management tools to help you succeed:

1. Asana

Best for: team with less than 15 members working on number of projects

Price: FREE for up to 15 team members and unlimited projects. Paid subscription prices for more than 15 members vary depending on number of users.

We use Asana ourselves to manage projects either internally or with clients. It is intuitive, easy to use, and flexible enough to be used for any kinds of projects. Each task in Asana can only be assigned to one person to maintain task ownership and accountability, but more people can be added to a task as followers. You can add subtask, comment, tags, deadline, attach file and even heart a task/comment. Asana is available via web app and offers iOS and Android app to keep track of your projects everywhere you go.
Get Asana here: http://www.asana.com

2. Basecamp 3

Best for: managing distributed teams

Price: FREE for 1 project, unlimited users. $29/month for unlimited projects and users.

Basecamp 3 packs plenty of new features geared towards managing distributed team. The message board, check-ins aside from the usual to-dos and scheduling features make it easier to manage a team that works remotely - much like Basecamp's own team. Basecamp also added private chat (pings) and group chat (campfire) feature, which means you won't need a separate intracompany messaging app. The Run a Report feature is also very useful to get a snapshot of state of your team. Basecamp 3 is available on web app, iOS and Android app.
Get Basecamp here: http://www.basecamp.com

3. Trello

Best for: team of all size with defined workflows.

Price: FREE for unlimited projects, unlimited users, limited to basic features.

Trello works as a project management tool by moving your task (represented with a card) through stages (list). You can attach files, add labels, add due dates, add members and even allow voting on each card. Trello's simple process makes it flexible to suit any workflows. Trello is available on the web, iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, and Kindle Fire. Get Trello here: http://www.trello.com

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