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5 Free Services Every Small Businesses Should Use in 2018

If your 2018 resolution is to grow your small business, you'll need to run your business more efficiently while keeping cost low. Fortunately there are plenty useful services that would help you do just that with zero cost. Try them now and start managing your business better in 2018!

1. Zoho Mail
Company email such as you@yourcompany.com gives better impression to potential clients and business partner. Zoho Mail gives out 25 free users and up to 25 extra by referring other company to Zoho. The email service is easy to set up, reliable and there's even a mobile application for iOS and Android. All you need is a domain name to link to your new professional email address and you're ready to send and receive email! Sign up using our referral code WK5x31lb to get 5 bonus users.

2. Sleekr
Managing your employee can be a headache especially as your team grows. Fortunately Sleekr Human Resources Management offers free access for 1 year. Admin can store employee information, benefits and payroll in Sleekr. Employees can request time off or request letters and payslip directly from employee self-service.

3. Wave Apps
Correct invoicing and accounting is crucial to make sure your business stays profitable. Wave Apps provide free invoicing tool to bill your clients using professional invoices. On top of that, the website also has accounting tool so you can record your business' income and expenses.

4. Meistertask
Delegating task and keeping track of the tasks your team is no simple feat. Without a project management tool, this activity that's supposed to save your time could end up wasting your valuable time instead. Luckily, there are several free choices for project management tool. We like Meistertask for its user friendly interface based on Agile / Kanban method. It also has built in timer so you can measure how long it takes to get a task done.

5. Slack
Team communication may be difficult regardless whether your team works in one place or distributed around the world. Slack is a powerful team chat application that allows your team to quickly. With generous free tier, Slack works on iOS, Android, as well as desktop apps.

Have any other services that are free and useful for small businesses? Let us know in the comments below!