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Learn Colors and Counting with Kidi Frozen Jelly

Help! It’s very cold outside and the jellies are freezing! Drag the shivering jellies into their own jelly houses to save them from extremely cold environment.

Kids will have fun learning colors of each jelly while learning to count how many jellies they’ve saved. There are eleven cute and colorful jellies waiting to be saved! With Kidi Frozen Jelly game (available on iOS or Android), your kids will learn to:

  • Recognize 5 basic colors

    Kids will learn the basic colors such as Red, Yellow, Blue, White, and Black.

  • Recognize 6 combination colors

    In the later stage, kids will learn that combining colors will create a new color. RoboJello combines the basic colors into 6 wonderful new colors: Green, Orange, Purple, Brown, Pink, and Grey.

  • Count numbers from 1-10

    Know how many jellies you’ve saved and learn to count from 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, to 10. How many can you save?

  • Play with the jellies you saved

    The jellies are so happy to be saved and now the wants to play with you! Add as many jellies as you want to the playground, touch and twirl them as you wish.

With Kidi Frozen Jelly, learn colors and counting numbers are easy and fun!

Ready to give it a try? Kidi Frozen Jelly is available for only $0.99 or IDR 3.000 in App Store and Android!

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