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Math is Easy and Fun with Kidi Monster Math

How much is 3 + 2? How about 9 - 4? Are you currently quizzing your kids every day to practice their math skills? Then we have a solution for you. Let your kids practice their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills with Kidi Monster Math!

In Kidi Monster Math, kids can learn practice their understanding on basic mathematical concept with funny monster alien friends. Plusk, Mynus, Divy and Mully are here to help reinforce your children math skills in an easy and fun way. Kids will be presented with math questions that they have to answer before the meteor hits earth! Challenge them to beat their high score each time.

Choose from 3 stages depending on your kids' skills:

  • Plus Minus

    Learn addition and subtraction. Perfect for early elementary school age kids who have started learning addition and subtraction.

  • Multiply Divide

    Learn addition and subtraction. Perfect for second grader or when your kids have started multiplication and division.

  • Mix Mix

    Mix of all fours: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Perfect for kids who have mastered all and wants to practice their math skills.

With Kidi Monster Math, learning math is easy and fun!

When screen time is over, head over to http://www.dihardjasoftware.com/monstermath and download free printable stickers. Download the printables, print them, add double tape in the back and let your kids enjoy their off-screen time posting the stickers everywhere in the house!

Ready to give it a try? Kidi Monster Math is available on iOS and Android for only Rp 5.000!

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